June 13, 2021

Australorp Eggs Production: Complete Information

Its name comes from its background of breeding. It is a beautiful Australian breed. It is very important to know about Australorp eggs. It was purposely raised as a utility chicken for the dual purpose of supplying meat and eggs. In the late 1920s, it became known officially as a breed.

Australorp Eggs Production In Year:

This breed is famous for the prolific laying of eggs. Rumor has it that, by laying 364 eggs in 365 days, one hen set a record. The record is in question, but one thing is not: happy hens of this breed will normally lay 250-300 eggs per year anywhere, which means they keep laying in winter! The eggs are a fairly light brown color and will be medium to large.

They are also good for meat as dual-purpose chicken, too. If you intend on keeping chickens as part of a subsistence farm, this is perfect. These birds are also good brooders, meaning they will sit on eggs and carefully care for them before they hatch. You may make good use of any old laying hens or extra roosters with them being meat chickens.

Besides being excellent suppliers of meat and egg, this breed has a truly wonderful temperament. They’re really sweet, a little shy, and they’re so totally docile that they’re always held as animals! If you think your children might be too big to pick up, look for the bantam variant of the breed.

Why I Prefer Australorp?

This is truly an exceptional breed to choose from no matter what your needs may be. They are particularly hardy-winter, excellent layers, brooders, and healthy birds of meat. Another bonus is that they usually do not like to fly too far, so without worrying about them escaping, you can keep them in a fenced area.

There are many online hatcheries if you want to get some Australorps, which will be able to give you day-old chicks. They ship them as a perishable item via mail (the chicks do not need food or water the first couple of days as they get the nutrition from the egg). As soon as they arrive, make sure that you are ready to take them home, then only follow which route the hatchery sends with the chicks.

Australorp eggs
Australorp Eggs Production

You should consider growing Aracucanas if you are on the market for odd-looking eggs. Small chickens that lay odd-looking eggs that range from pink to blue are Araucana hens. Instead of the regular four, they also have five toes on each foot.

Although it is definitely a productive hobby to raise chickens for eggs, you need to make sure that you know how to take care of your chickens properly. The need to ensure that your flock has enough room for optimum egg laying is one essential reminder that chicken hatcheries often emphasize.

Generally, in a chicken coop or pen, a chicken would require about four square feet of space. Placing too many hens in a coop can decrease the laying of their eggs and make them more vulnerable to stress. Overcrowded chickens often like to fight, leaving you with wounded and dead hens.

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